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      A Global Leader in HPPs

      Founded in 2003, CINIC is a leading supplier of high performance pigments (HPPs) in the global market. CINIC is the No. 1 global producer of Diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole (DPP) and Anthraquinone pigments and a world leader in Isoindolinone and Isoindoline pigments. Backed up by a technically advanced manufacturing base, rigorous quality management system and full regulatory compliance, our Cinilex products are internationally recognized and widely used in paints, coatings, plastics, specialty inks and many other applications. CINIC employs over 800 employees and has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Taixing, China.

      • Production Facilities (Shanghai)

        Built in 2003, the Shanghai site is located in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai. It covers an area of 4 hectares (approx. 10 acres) and is dedicated to the production of DPP pigments. It is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

      • Production Facilities (Taixing)

        Built in 2007, the Taixing site is located in Taixing Economic Development Area, Jiangsu. It covers an area of 20 hectares (approx. 49 acres) and manufactures DPP, Anthraquinone, Isoindolinone and Isoindoline pigments. It has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 since 2008.


        Knowledge, Innovation, Quality and Efficiency are the cornerstones of our company. We are committed to providing our customers with high value coloring solutions characterized by quality consistency, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

      • Technical Competence

        R&D Capabilities

        Our world-class R&D center houses seven modern laboratories for pigment research, one multifunctional laboratory for scale-up and one pilot plant. Our core competence comes from a talent pool of over 30 personnel including chemical engineering experts, doctors and masters of chemistry and senior chemists. They work tirelessly on new or improved products and process optimization to deliver a well-balanced selection of colorants with overall performance and cost-effectiveness.


        Technical Infrastructure

        Our industry-specific application laboratories have a full array of color matching, accelerated weathering, rheological and physical testing capabilities, which enables us to provide service to our customers. Our global sales team possess strong product and market knowledge and technical expertise across different industries and stand ready to work with our customers to find the best coloring solution to satisfy their requirements.

      • Dedicated to Quality

        Color consistency is paramount to CINIC. We have developed a total quality management system which transcends through the whole organization and not just in production. Quality is inherent in every aspect of our business operations.

        Our quality management policy consists of a three-stage process. The first stage is to proactively prevent quality problems. If this, for some unfortunate reason, is not achieved then the second stage is to ensure that the quality problems are identified before the products leave the factory. In the very unlikely event that a quality problem is experienced by our customer, then the quality complaint will be handled in such a way as to minimize the loss to our customers.

        Through stringent implementation of this comprehensive quality management system, we achieve a very high quality consistency level for all our products and services.

      • Commitment to Environment, Health and Safety

        As a major chemical producer, we understand the importance of protecting and caring for our local and global environment. Our ongoing investments reflect our long-term commitment to sustainable growth.


        Effluent treatment, solvent recovery and VOC reduction techniques meet all existing environmental standards and regulatory requirements and enable us to grow sustainably. We manage our products, processes and workplaces to ensure our design, construction and operation are in full compliance with relevant environmental legislation.  

        Our employees are trained to operate and maintain our facilities in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. We drive year-on-year improvements to our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) efforts by identifying, assessing and minimizing risks to the employees and their surroundings and setting objectives to continually improve our performance.

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